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Why should I go to the Tutoring Center?

The Tutoring Center offers free, individualized assistance to help you succeed in your courses. Whether you are struggling with the course content, unsure of how to complete your homework, or looking for tips on how to study well, our tutors are ready to help.

  • Do you want to learn how tutoring works? Check out our Session Information page.
  • Do you want to see which courses we support through tutoring? Check out our Schedules page.
  • Do you want to learn more about who our tutors are? Check out our About Us page.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend tutoring?

In short, everybody! Learning is meant to be active, engaging, and collaborative. No matter your GPA, meeting with a tutor can help you develop a better understanding of your course content and provide individualized advice to help you perform better in your courses. You can take advantage of these benefits if you are not currently struggling in your coursework.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Students are welcome to drop in to the Tutoring Center without an appointment -- just go to our front desk and our staff will be happy to get you set up and point you to a tutor. However, we cannot guarantee that a tutor for your course will be available, so we recommend looking at our Schedules page to see when a tutor for your class will be available in the Tutoring Center.

What should I expect when I visit?

When you visit our location on the 2nd floor of the Katherine A. Martin Library, you can expect to work with a peer tutor who can help guide you to understand your homework or course content. Our tutors do not give out answers or double-check your work; instead, their goal is to help you develop your study skills and gain a deeper understanding of the course content. For more information, check out our Session Information page.

What if I'm confused about a class but don't have an assignment to work on?

Tutors can support you in better understanding course content whether you have an assignment to complete or not. Some ideas for activities to do during a session include:

  • Working through practice problems from your textbook, receiving guidance when you are stuck.
  • Creating a list of major course concepts or terms and sorting them based on your depth of understanding. Tutors can supplement your understanding of unclear concepts.
  • Teaching course content to your tutor. This leads you to understand the content at a deeper level, and tutors can guide you if your understanding is incomplete or faulty.
  • "Wrapping" an exam. Go through previous test questions you got wrong to determine where you erred.
  • Writing test questions for your class using course texts, notes, etc.
  • Talking through strategies for more effective studying and learning for a specific course.