Session Information

The Tutoring Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Kathryn A. Martin Library. Students are welcome to sign up for a time or drop in.

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How to Sign Up

Students can sign up to meet with a tutor through our online scheduling system. Students will need to register using their UMD email address. Once they are registered, they can select which course they would like tutoring for and choose a time. When you come to the Tutoring Center, our front desk staff will be happy to guide you to the right tutor.

When you schedule a time, you may see that someone else is scheduled for the same time. Our tutors are trained to work with up to four students at once. Be aware that in this situation our scheduling system may force you to select a specific course, but you are welcome to ask for help in a different course than the one the system specifies.

Drop In

Students are welcome to drop in to the Tutoring Center without an appointment. When you arrive, please stop at the front desk and our staff will be happy to guide you to an appropriate tutor. Keep in mind that each tutor is only qualified for certain courses, so we cannot guarantee that a tutor will always be available for your specific course.

Group Tutoring

Students are welcome to visit with their classmates to work together with a tutor. Our tutors are prepared to work with up to 4 students at once. We recommend that each student sign up in our scheduling system to avoid too many people reserving the same timeslot.

What to Expect

Our tutors are ready to help you wherever you are at in understanding the course content. Our tutors will not complete your homework for you or double-check if your answers are correct, but they will help you understand how to solve homework problems and make sure you understand course concepts. Our tutors are successful students in the subjects that they tutor, but they are not instructors and they may need a refresher on the specific concepts that you are working on.

We recommend bringing all of your course material with you, including textbooks, notes, and handouts. If you are working on homework, be prepared to show exactly where you are stuck or what concepts you are unsure of.

Special Accommodations

We at the Tutoring Center are happy to work with students who need alternative accommodations for tutoring. We can create online tutoring appointments, reserve small study rooms for a quieter atmosphere, or adjust the tutoring schedule for a specific course if needed. Please email the Tutoring Center to make these arrangements.