For Faculty and Staff

UMD’s Tutoring Center is an award-winning, student-helping-student program. Data from Tutoring Center surveys indicate both student users and tutors experienced heightened interest in their majors, improved scholarship, and increased overall satisfaction with UMD as a result of their participation in tutoring. 

Tutoring Center Services for Your Students

Tutoring provides an additional interactive component to students’ academic experience. Tutors are trained academic coaches; they explain concepts and model techniques that support formal instruction with the goal of improving students’ grasp of the subject matter.

Tutors do NOT do homework for students, they are trained to guide students to become independent learners. In addition, tutoring is tutoring is not only for struggling students. All students benefit from collaborative learning experiences that enhance their study skills, learning strategies, and content knowledge. Learn more about the courses currently supported by tutoring, our hours and schedules, and how to make an appointment. 

Suggested Syllabus Language: The Tutoring Center on the second floor of Martin Library offers free tutoring sessions for this course. Your tutor will be a high-achieving student trained to assist you. To learn more about the tutoring center, find the tutor(s) qualified for this subject area, or reserve a time with a tutor, please visit the Tutoring Center website. The tutors look forward to working with you!

About our Tutors

A vast majority of tutors consistently report their tutoring experience fostered an increase in empathy, a greater sense of responsibility, and the development of skills transferable to future employment situations.

"One of my favorite parts about tutoring has been the solidifying of fundamental concepts in my major.

UMD's tutors are not paid; rather, they receive academic credit for enrolling in the training course (SSP 3003) and completing a required number of tutoring-practicum hours per week. Each department supported by tutoring sets their own specific criteria for their subject tutors, and they may supply the Tutoring Center with current textbooks. Please contact Jade Sandbulte or Jenna Trenberth if your department would like to initiate tutoring, your department would like to add tutoring support for additional courses, or you would like to refer a student to become a tutor.

Jade Sandbulte, Co-Coordinator
Tutoring Center
Office: 218 Kathryn A. Martin Library
(218) 726-6998
[email protected]
Jenna Trenberth, Co-Coordinator
Tutoring Center
Office: 216 Kathryn A. Martin Library
(218) 726-7064
[email protected]