About the Academic Writing and Learning Center

The Academic Writing and Learning Center (AWLC), located in the Securian Learning Commons on the second floor of the Kathryn A. Martin Library, encompasses the: Tutoring CenterWriters' WorkshopSSP Courses, and UST 1000: Learning in Community.

In 2015, the Supportive Services Program (SSP, later renamed to the Student Success Program) and its Tutoring Center, which had been serving UMD for over 30 years, joined forces with the Writers’ Workshop, which was only two years old at the time, to become the Academic Writing and Learning Center (AWLC), with Dr. Jill Jenson as its director. Early in 2018, the first-year experience course, now known as “Learning in Community,” joined the AWLC. Throughout that time, the AWLC's mission has remained the same: to offer programs and services to promote academic success for all students and advance the writing skills of all members of the campus community. Every year thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, take advantage of, and benefit from, the wide-range of services, courses, and workshops the AWLC offers. Explore our website to discover the ways the AWLC can help you meet your goals!


The Academic Writing and Learning Center offers student-centered, needs-driven programs and courses to promote academic and personal success and provides tailored services to advance the writing skills of all members of the campus community.


  • To be a vibrant, meaningful part of students’ academic lives
  • To be an active collaborator with members of the UMD community to meet the current and emerging needs of our diverse range of learners
  • To be an integral piece of UMD’s academic mission


  1. Inclusivity: We welcome all members of the UMD community and celebrate their diverse approaches to writing and learning. We meet others where they are and respect where they want to go.
  2. Empathy and respect: We treat everyone with respect, listen to other points of view, and offer thoughtful, honest responses. 
  3. Integrity and trust: We value open conversation, understanding the need to be trustworthy and ethical with those we serve and with one another. We follow through and know that actions speak.
  4. Collaboration and cooperation: We work with others and one another in a collaborative way, seeking to serve in a spirit of cooperation.
  5. Effectiveness: We stay informed, anticipating needs to create innovative, high- quality services and programs.