Student Success Program

SSP courses allow students to become active participants in their learning. Using research-based approaches, faculty engage SSP students in activities designed to promote their success. SSP courses are ideal for undergraduate students from all UMD colleges and departments who want to:

  • better prepare for college-level work.
  • gain leadership skills to increase college and professional success.
  • engage more deeply in their own learning and with the UMD campus community.

Some of our most popular courses include:

  • SSP 1001 Reading Hacks for College
  • SSP 1002 Managing Time and Stress
  • SSP 1004 Studying, Note Taking, and Test Taking
  • SSP 1052 Academic Reading and Writing at the College Level
  • SSP 2000 Academic Engagement & Planning: Building Confidence & Momentum in Your Sophomore Year
  • SSP 2010 Finding Your Purpose: Going Deeper in College and Beyond

To learn more about these courses and see our entire list of courses, visit our Course Offerings page!