For Current and Future Tutors

Do you want to contribute to the academic success of your peers? Do you want to gain valuable skills? UMD Tutors are high-achieving undergraduates who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better and who have done especially well in the key courses they tutor. All tutors are referred to the Tutoring Center by their departments or an instructor. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact the Tutoring Center coordinators.

New tutors come into the program fully qualified in their subject areas and then receive a full semester of training and support by enrolling in SSP 3003: Peer Tutor Pedagogy, which requires a 5-hour per week time commitment (2 hours of training and 3 hours of tutoring).

Trained tutors continue in the program during subsequent semesters by registering for SSP 3004: Tutor Practicum with a time commitment of 4 hours of tutoring per week (max 6 credits). Tutors could earn a total of 8 upper-division credits for tutoring in SSP 3003 and 3004 courses.

Benefits of Becoming a Tutor

Tutors indicate they develop a deeper knowledge in the courses they tutor which, in turn, promotes greater success in subsequent courses. They also gain valuable professional skills for future careers. Tutors also


  • Developed friendships and connections with other tutors and students from across campus
  • Gained leadership skills and increased their self-awareness as students and mentors 
  • Gained confidence in their content areas 
  • Improved critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills
  • Supported others and felt connected to the UMD community
  • Received international tutor certification from an outside, internationally recognized organization (CRLA)
  • Developed skills transferable to a wide range of employment situations

For more information please contact:

Jade Sandbulte, Co-Coordinator
Tutoring Center
Office: 218 Kathryn A. Martin Library
(218) 726-6998
[email protected]
Jenna Trenberth, Co-Coordinator
Tutoring Center
Office: 216 Kathryn A. Martin Library
(218) 726-7064
[email protected]