Supportive Services Program Home

The Supportive Services Program (SSP) faculty members teach courses and engage in activities designed to promote UMD student success.

  • SSP faculty offer learner-centered courses for those who want to better prepare for college-level work as well as those who want to gain leadership skills geared toward increasing college and professional success.
  • SSP faculty train undergraduate peer tutors to complement classroom instruction for some of UMD's most challenging courses.
  • SSP faculty partner with others on campus, including Financial Aid and Admissions, to train peer leaders and mentors who work with fellow students in a variety of ways such collaborations increase retention and lead to higher levels of satisfaction for all involved.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students participating in SSP programs are knowledgeable in the understanding and application of learning strategies necessary to be successful in their college coursework.
  2. Students enrolled in SSP preparatory courses apply effective learning strategies to their college coursework.
  3. Tutors, Peer Leaders, and Mentors document and evaluate their practice as peer educators through critical reflection.
  4. Students identify professional skills sought by employers that are developed through their peer leadership experiences as tutors, SI leaders, and TAs.
  5. Tutors, Mentors, and Peer Leaders provide assistance that involves students who request help as active learners, thereby deepening their learning through collaboration.  
  6. Students who use peer-to-peer learning services through SSP improve their understanding of subject knowledge.